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What is a Postage Saver?


Quite simply its an A3 wall calendar with the wiro binding to the middle instead of the top, this enables the calendar to be folded and sent out in a more economical way.

An A4 currently costs £1.17 second class

where as the A3 calendars £2.80 second class.


Please bear in mind the calendars now hang on a single drilled hole at the top of the calendar and should be hung with the backboard for added strength.

Any of the following calendars

images can be used in any of the three formats

Animal Kingdom

Animal Crackers

Birds & Beasts of Britain

Born to be Wild



English Rose

From the Sky

In Yorkshire




The World in focus



Postage saver1 Postage saver Postage Saver Template A Postage Saver Template C Postage Saver Template B company header advert company header advert company header advert top top top

Template A

Template B

Template C